London Vintage Camera Shows

I've never been to a vintage camera show before. What can I expect?

You'll find table after table of experienced dealers selling film photography equipment of all ages; cameras, lenses, accessories and more. Some dealers specialize in a single format (i.e. 35mm, medium/large format), others offer more vintage items (i.e. Brownies, antique folding cameras etc.), and others have a bit of everything. Everything is for sale and respectful, friendly bartering is often heard. Expect to pay cash, and bring a carrying bag for your purchases. Shopping for a lens? Bring your camera and try before you buy! There's no hurry either - stay as long as you like.

How do I find your show? How much is admission?

Where do I park?

Click on the header above called "Our Location Map", there's a very handy map to the Carling Heights Community Centre, 656 Elizabeth Street, London, Ont. That's basically right behind the Wolesley Barracks on Oxford Street, near Adelaide Street. This City of London venue is fully accessible too. Admission of $5.00 for adults. Kids under 16 are free. Plenty of free parking!